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The Landscape Deeper In gathers 30 years of Bill Bridges’s poetry into his first general collection. Widely published in magazines and chapbooks, Bridges’s work has drawn praise for its keen visual observation and breadth of subject matter, from domestic life (“Quarreling Through the Louvre”) to meditations on art, travel, and history. The poems also cover a wide geographic range, from Taiwan and Peru to the streets of Berlin.

To a Writer Who Hasn’t Written Yet
“I don’t know how,”
you said. Who does?
I want to hear your voice,
not what you say,
but something else, the note
that’s yours—a bird
starting up now outside
in darkness, its throat
rusty with sleep,
hauling the sun up
on a bent pin of song.

Others say: “The poems of The Landscape Deeper In mark Bill Bridges as an important poet in the American grain, and one long overdue for wider publication. The poems are always centered, always lucid [with] an elegance and classicism that are uncannily never far removed from daily life.”
—Mike O’Connor, translator, When I See You Again, It Will Be In Mountains

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