5MM cover

In his second memoir, Five-Mountain Morning, Bill Bridges describes a life that has stretched from the Army in postwar Germany to journalism around the world and archaeology on a remote island in the North Atlantic. Bridges writes about lost loves, marriage, children, travel, and a writer’s life. He describes encounters with actress Marlene Dietrich and a woman who named her cat for a Kentucky Derby winner. And he tells how he became an “expert” on Siberia.


I became a college professor in 1979 after teaching exactly one course—half-teaching it, actually, since I teamed with a real professor who did most of the work. We told graduate social-work students how to woo the news media, and my colleague later wrote a paper about it, which we were invited to deliver to a national meeting in Los Angeles. When we arrived, we found this meant sitting at a table and handing out copies. My old newspaper boss thought this was hilarious. “You delivered papers!” he cackled. “You were a paper boy!”


“. . . has the careful attention to detail that marks a good journalist and the variety and pithy anecdotes that mark a good novelist and an effective teacher. —Louisville Courier-Journal

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